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"The Institute for Advanced Study / Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) is a flagship mathematics program which is built on the fundamental theme that interaction among researchers, graduate students, undergraduate students, and high school teachers is essential to the optimal functioning of the mathematical enterprise."

"The PCMI incorporates learning, teaching, research, and interaction in a unique integrated format. During the summer session, high school teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, college and university faculty, and researchers working at the most advanced levels of mathematical inquiry come together as equal partners in a supportive setting where education at all levels is the explicit concern."

The teachers in the Rice site were active participants in PCMI during the Summer Sessions in 1995 and 1996, as well as during the following academic years.

NonEuclid is an interactive program for studying hyperbolic geometry. It is a java applet, so it can be used through your browser. It is being developed by Joel Castellano, supported by the PCMI.

The Geometry of the Sphere 
A course taught to high school teachers during the Summer Session of the PCMI at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ in 1996.

Based on a course taught to high school teachers during the Summer Session of the PCMI at Park City, UT in 1994.

The Rice Site Teacher Participants:

Susan Boone Saint Agnes Academy
Dennis Donovan Rice University
Boyd E. Hemphill The John Cooper School
Cynthia Lanius The Center for Research on Parallel Computation
Spurgeon E. Parker Robert E. Lee High School
Richard Parr Elkins High School
Jill M. Renza Country Day School, St. Croix
Leonard Thomas Houston Independent School District/North Central District
Jo Vaccaro Stafford High School
Mary Wiesner B. F. Terry High School

Site Director:

John C. Polking Rice University Mathematics Dept.

Site Coordinator:

Anne Papakonstantinou
Rice University
School Mathematics Project

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