R. Taylor McNeill   


Using my powers of logical deduction, if you’re here I think you’re probably:

  1. A)A student.  There is class info as well as lecture notes, syllabi, and homework posted in the links above.  Send me an email if you’d like something else to be included.

  2. B)A friend or family member.  Feel free to poke around.  You may find the ‘Non-Academic’ page a little more interesting. 

  3. C)A fellow math person.  My Academic page is still a work in progress.  In the meantime, my contact information can be found on the right.

  4. D)Lost.  Your back button is in the upper left corner of your browser.  Good luck!


Contact information:

Herman Brown Office 39

rtm2 at rice dot edu

Mathematics Department


Rice University

6100 Main St

Houston, TX 77005

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