VIGRE: Math 699 Section 1: Current Topics in Topology: Fall 2008 - Spring 2009

Meeting time and place: Tuesdays from 1-2pm in Herman Brown 423 (fall) or 453 (spring)
Instructors: Tim Cochran and Shelly Harvey

Participants (listed in alphabetic order):


9/2/08organizational meeting
9/9/08Shelly HarveyConcordance invariants from higher order covers by Stanislav Jubuka
9/16/08Hurricane IkeEffect of 100mph winds on the gulf coast
9/23/08Peter HornSeparating twists and the Magnus representation of the Torelli group by Thomas Church and Aaron Pixton
9/30/08Keiko KawamuroFibered transverse knots and the Bennequin Bound by John Etnyre and Jeremy van Horn-Morris
10/7/08Elena PavelescuContact Structures on 3-manifolds are deformations of foliations
10/14/08no seminar - midterm recess
10/21/08Carolyn OttoThe concordance genus of a knot II by Charles Livingston
10/28/08Eric ChesebroCommensurability and the character variety by Darren Long and Alan Reid
11/4/08Eric ChesebroCommensurability and the character variety, part II
11/11/08Andrew ElliotThe s-invariant and Lee's spectral sequence
11/18/08Danielle O'DonnolPrimitive spatial graphs and graph minors by Makoto Ozawa and Yukihiro Tsutsumi
11/25/08Bridget FranklinRoots of Torsion Polynomials and Dominations by Michel Boileau, Steve Boyer and Shicheng Wang
12/2/08Chris DavisApproximating L2 invariants by their finite-dimensional analogues by Wolfgang Lueck
Spring 2009
1/13/09Tim CochranIsotopy of Links by John Milnor
1/20/09Danielle O'DonnolKnotted Hamiltonian cycles in spatial embeddings of complete graphs by Blain, Bowlin, Foisy, Hendricks and LaCombe
1/27/09Danielle O'DonnolKnotted Hamiltonian cycles in spatial embeddings of complete graphs (con't)
2/3/09organizational meeting
2/10/09Shelly HarveyCapping off open books and the Ozsvath-Szabo contact invariant
2/17/09Peter HornGroup Homology
2/24/09Peter HornGroup Homology, part II
3/3/09no seminar - spring break
3/10/09Andrew ElliotOn the spectral sequence from Khovanov homology to Heegaard Floer homology by John Baldwin
3/17/09Eric ChesebroEuclidean decompositions of non-compact hyperbolic manifolds by D. Epstein and R. Penner
3/24/09Elena Pavelescu
3/31/09Taylor Coon
4/7/09Chris Davis
4/14/09Bridget Franklin
4/21/09Carolyn Otto
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