Topology Seminar Spring 2009


Seminar meets: Mondays from 4pm-5pm in HB 427
Tea in the math commons room before the talk (3:30-4pm)
For more informatioin contact: Tim Cochran (cochran at takethisout or Shelly Harvey (shelly at takethisout

DateNameInstitutionTitle (click for abstract if available)
January 12Elena PavelescuRice UniversityDefining a self-linking number for transverse knots in the lens space L(k,1)
January 15 (Thur)Alan ReidUT AustinColloquium: LERF, the Lubotzky-Sarnak Conjecture and the topology of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
January 19Martin Luther King Jr. Day - no seminar
January 26Kouki TaniyamaWaseda University and George Washington UniversityCircle immersions that can be divided into two arc embeddings
January 28* (Wed)Adam LowranceLSUOn the Khovanov width of links (broadcast from LSU)
February 4* (Wed)Peter HornRice UniversityThe Differential Genus (broadcast from Rice)
February 11* (Wed)Chad GiustiUniversity of OregonUnstable Vassiliev Theory (broadcast from LSU)
February 18* (Wed)Scott BaldridgeLSUCube knots and knot Floer homology from cube diagrams (broadcast from LSU)
March 2Spring Recess - no seminar
March 9Peter HornRiceThesis defense: Higher-order analogues of genus and slice genus of classical knots
March 11* (Wed)Chuck LivingstonIndiana UniversityTBA (broadcast from LSU)
March 18* (Wed)Heather RussellUniversity of IowaTBA (broadcast from U Iowa)
March 18* (Wed)Allison HenrichOberlinTBA (broadcast from U Iowa)
March 26 (Thur)Ian AgolUniversity of California, BerkeleyWolfe Lecture: The virtual fibering conjecture and related questions
April 20Denis AurouxMITTBA

*Virtual seminar with partipants from LSU, Rice, University of Miami and Univeristy of Iowa. It will be held in HB 335 from 3:30-4:30pm.

Topology Seminar Fall 2008

DateNameInstitutionTitle (click for abstract if available)
September 1Labor Day - no seminar
September 8Elena PavelescuRice University  Braiding knots in 3-manifolds  
September 15Hurricane Ike cleanup - no seminar
September 22Danielle O'DonnolRice UniversityIntrinsically n-linked spatial graphs
September 29John BaldwinPrinceton University/IASKhovanov homology, open books, and tight contact structures
October 6Tim CochranRice UniversityHigher-order analogues of the p-primary decomposition of the algebraic knot concordance group
October 13Midterm Recess - no seminar
October 20Lawrence RobertsMichigan State UniversityFinding bounds for the Heegaard-Floer tau-invariant of a satellite knot
November 5* (Wed)Andrew ElliotRice UniversityConstructing Thick Knots in Khovanov Homology (broadcast from Rice)
November 6 (Thur)Hossein NamaziUniversity of Texas3-manifolds, hyperbolic geometry and models (Colloquium)
November 13 (Thur)Marta AsaedaUniversity of RiversideTBA (Colloquium)
November 19* (Wed)Lawrence RobertsMichigan State UniversityKnot Floer homology for some fibered knots (braodcast from LSU)
November 17John EtnyreGeorgia Institute of TechnologyAlgebraic structures in contact homology
November 20 (Thur)Gordana MaticUniversity of GeorgiaContact structures and sutured Floer homology (Colloquium)
December 3* (Wed)Leah ChildersLousiana State UniversityTBA (broadcast from LSU)

*Virtual seminar with partipants from LSU, Rice, University of Miami and Univeristy of Iowa. It will be held in HB 335 from 3:30-4:30pm.

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