Topology Seminar Spring 2008


Seminar meets: Mondays from 4pm-5pm in HB 427
Tea in the common's room before the talk (3:30-4pm)
For more informatioin contact: Tim Cochran ( or Shelly Harvey ()

DateNameInstitutionTitle (click for abstract if available)
January 14Keiko KawamuroRice UniversityOn Transverse Knots and Branched Covers
January 28Jaqueline JensenSam Houston State University  Whitehead Doubles of Arborescent Knots
February 4Tim CochranRice UniversityDerivatives of Knots and second order signatures
February 9-10Lousiana-Texas Topology RetreatRice University
February 18Andrew ElliotRice Universityv- State Cycles in Khovanov Homology
February 25Bochner Lectures - Davesh Maulik
March 10Constance LeidyWesleyan UniversityHigher-order degrees and obstructions on the fundamental group of algebraic curve complements
March 17Thomas MarkUniversity of VirginiaKnotted surfaces in 4-manifolds
March 24Henry WiltonUniversity of Texas at AustinConjugacy separability for topologists.
April 17Andras StipsiczRényi Institute of Mathematics & Columbia UniversityTBA
April 21Matt HeddenMITTBA

Fall 2007

DateNameInstitutionTitle (click for abstract if available)
August 27Keiko KawamuroRice UniversityKhovanov-Rozansky homology and the braid index of a knot
September 3Labor day - no seminar
September 10Tim CochranRice UniversityHomology and p-series of groups
September 17Jamie JorgensenRice UniversitySurface Homeomorphisms That Do Not Extend to Any Handlebody and the Johnson Filtration
September 24no seminar
October 1no seminar
October 8Maggy TomovaRice UniversityBounds on the distance of a Heegaard splitting of a knot complement
October 15Midterm Recess - no seminar
October 17 (Wed)Cornelia Van CottIndiana UniversityKnots and Links As Boundaries of Discs in 4-Space
October 22Jason DeBloisUIC and MSRIA virtual fibering of the doubled tetrus
October 29Porter Lectures
November 5Greg FriedmanTexas Christian University (TCU)Intersection Homology and Poincare Duality on Homotopically Stratified Spaces
November 12Yi NiAIM/Columbia UniversityHeegaard Floer homology and fibred three-manifolds
November 15 (Thur)Dylan Thurston (Colloquium)Columbia University Combinatorial link Floer homology
November 16 (Fri)Dylan Thurston Columbia UniversityTransverse Knot Invariants from Combinatorial Link Floer Homology
November 19Henry SegermanUniversity of Texas Ideal triangulations and components of the character variety
November 26
December 3Special Lecture by Natasa Sesum -- no seminar
December 6 (Thur)Kent Orr (Colloquium)Indiana University

Spring 2007 Topology Seminar

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