Stulken Topology Seminar - Fall 2009 and Spring 2010
supported by the Edgar J. Stulken Fund


Seminar meets: Mondays from 4pm-5pm in HB 427
Tea in the math commons room before the talk (3:30-4pm)
For more informatioin contact: Tim Cochran (cochran at takethisout or Shelly Harvey (shelly at takethisout

Spring 2010

DateNameInstitutionTitle (click for abstract if available)
1-11Prudence HeckRice UniversityObstructing knot concordance in non-simply connected manifolds
2-3*Pallavi DaniLSUHigher divergence functions for right-angled Artin groups (host=LSU)
2-8Khalid Bou-RabeeUniversity of ChicagoAn introduction to geometric group theory culture
2-22**Peter HornColumbia UniversityA Survey of Notions of Higher-Order Genus for Knots
3-29Robert LipshitzColumbia University and MSRIComputing Heegaard Floer invariants by cutting
3-31*Loretta BartoliniOklahoma State UniversityOne-sided Heegaard splittings of 3-manifolds (host=Iowa)
4-5Tim CochranRice UniversitySpin Cobordism Groups and applications

** Will be held in Herman Brown 453 at 1-2pm.

Fall 2009

DateNameInstitutionTitle (click for abstract if available)
8-31John HempelRice UniversityReflections on distant curves
9-7labor day - no classes
9-9*Andrew ElliottRice UniversityGraphical methods establishing nontriviality of state cycle Khovanov homology classes
9-14Prudence HeckRice UniversityFree concordance of null-homologous knots in acyclic manifolds
9-21Tim CochranRice UniversityAn expository lecture on the classification of differentiable manifolds and the s-cobordism theorem
9-23*Marian MooreUC DavisHigh distance knots in any 3-manifold (host=Iowa)
9-28Tim CochranRice UniversityA Gentle introduction to Massey Products
10-12midterm recess - no classes
10-14*Leah ChildersLSUOn the Automorphism Group of the Summetric Torelli Group (host=LSU)
10-19Thomas KerlerOhio State UniversityIntegral TQFTs from Quantum Doubles
10-26Emily LandesUniversity of TexasIdentifying the Canonical Component for the Whitehead Link
10-28*Amanda HagerUniversity of IowaSheaf cohomology and freeness of arrangement bundles (host=LSU)
11-4*Elena PavelescuRice UniversityThe Self-Linking Number in Annulus and Pants Open Book Decompositions (host=Rice)
11-11*Ken BakerUniversity of MiamiRational open books, cabling, and contact structures
11-16Shea Vela-VickColumbia UniversityTorsion and Open Book Decompositions
11-18*Pallavi DaniLSUpostponed
11-23Burak OzbagciKoc University and MSRIMilnor fillable contact structures
11-30Tim PerutzUniversity of TexasCurves on surfaces and fixed point Floer homology

*Virtual seminar with partipants from LSU, Rice, University of Miami and Univeristy of Iowa. It will be held in HB 355 from 3:40-4:40pm.