Calculus I
Course Title
Math 101, Section 004
Course Meetings
MWF 11 - 11:50
SEW 305
Help Sessions
Wednesdays SST 106
Thursdays KWG 100
Sundays SST 106
all from 7 - 9 pm
Teaching Assistants
Darren Ong
David Cohen
Katherine Poulsen
Stewart’s Calculus 6E: Early Transcendentals
Note: The text at the bookstore is the unbound Rice Edition of the text. It is packaged with 2 semesters of WebAssign. Alternately, you may choose to buy a used copy of the text, but you will also need to purchase a subscription for WebAssign.
Instructor info
Taylor Coon
HB 39
Office Hours
MTWF 2 - 3 pm
or by appointment
Fun Facts About Me
I am a fourth year graduate student studying topology. I was an undergraduate at the University of Rochester, where I dual majored in math and music.
ImportanT Dates
August 23
First day of Class
September 6
Labor day: No class
October 4
First Midterm
October 11
Fall Break: No class
November 8
Second Midterm
November 26,29
No class
December 8
Final Exam
7 - 10 PM
HZ 210
Grading rubric
Homework 25%
Homework will be a combination of WebAssign and traditional handwritten homework. Consult the syllabus for more information.
Midterm Exams 40%
We will have two in class midterm exams. Dates are posted above.
Final Exam 30%
The final exam date and time have been announced by the Registrar. The final will be on December 8 from 7 - 10 pm.
Participation 5%
I expect every student to attend class and actively participate.
Calculus 101
This is the course webpage for Math 101 section 004, Spring 2010. This is the first semester of Calculus at Rice University.
The syllabus can be found here: Syllabus101.pdf
Here is a schedule of the material we will cover/have covered: Calc101Schedule.pdf
Homework will be assigned primarily using WebAssign; however, we will have some assignments intended to be handwritten and turned in. I will try to keep non WebAssign homework posted on this site.
Stay tuned for important announcements throughout the semester:
12/3: Our last class today was a review day for the final. Here is the review material I handed out. Answers for the sample exams will be forthcoming. 0246_001.pdf
11/24: Here is what we did in class today: 0221_001.pdf
Here are the solutions: 0229_001.pdf
11/15: Solutions to the midterm exam can be found here: 0194_001.pdf  The final answer of the area of the region we discussed in class today is here: 0193_001.pdf
11/6: The second midterm is on Monday in class. Answers to the practice problems I handed out can be found here: 0174_001.pdf
10/24: Posted above is an outline of the course if you are interested in reading ahead in the book or getting an idea of what material is to come.
10/22: I have begun to include Practice assignments on WebAssign as a resource for anyone interested in doing extra homework problems as review. Note: these are NOT required and are NOT worth any homework points.
10/8: Today I passed back the first midterm exam. The solutions are posted here: 0088_001.pdf
We will have a quiz in class on Friday, October 15 that will enable you to make up some points from Exam 1. The quiz will cover continuity, differentiability, finding derivatives, and the Intermediate Value Theorem. If you have exam questions, please come and talk to me!
9/17: The first written assignment was handed out in class today and due on Monday in class. Remember that there is a help session on Sunday evening if you need individualized attention.
9/15: The first midterm will take place in class on Monday, October 4.
8/31: The answer for part 2 of our Warm Up exercise in class yesterday is:
        f(x)= 100(2^((x-1850)/10))
8/31: Reminder: We will have guest lecturers Natalie Durgin on Wed, Sept 1, and Renee Laverdiere on Friday, Sept 3. I will be out of town, so if you have any problems or questions, you should attend help sessions, contact your TA’s, or email me.
8/26: Help sessions for the semester have been scheduled:
    Wednesdays 7 - 9 pm in SST 106
    Thursdays 7 - 9 pm in KWG 100
    Sundays 7 - 9 pm in SST 106
These are a great way to get individual attention and homework help.