Math 355 Summer 2010
Course Info
Course Title
Math 355: Linear Algebra
Course Meeting Dates
May 18 - June 4
Course Meeting Times
MTWRF 1 - 4:05
HZ 118
Linear Algebra with Applications
by Steven J. Leon
7th edition
Instructor info
Taylor Coon
HB 39
Office Hours
MTWRF 4 - 5
TR 12 - 1
or by appointment
Fun Facts About Me
I am a third year graduate student. I am excited to teach this class, and I hope you are excited to take it! You will be busy, but it will be fun and you will learn a lot.
In my free time, I enjoy dancing, reading, trying new recipes, relaxing by the pool.
Grading rubric
Homework 30%
Homework will be assigned daily and due at the start of each class period.
Exams 60%
There will be 3 exams, each worth 20%. They will be pledged, closed book, take-home exams.
Participation 10%
Students will be expected to participate in class. Each student will be required to present at least 5 homework problems to the rest of the class.
Linear Algebra
Welcome to the course webpage for Math 355, Summer 2010. This will be a fast paced, intense course, but we will hopefully have fun and learn lots.
The Syllabus can be found here.
Homework will be posted here.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.