About me

Fun Facts
Name: Taylor Coon Martin
Birthday: April 30
Hometown: Easton, PA
Undergrad: U. of Rochester
                    Mathematics BS
                    Music BA
Grad: Rice University
                    Mathematics MA
Food: Heirloom tomatoes
           goat cheese
           mint chip ice cream
Sports: gymnastics
            powderpuff football
Books: My Sister’s Keeper
            Harry Potter
            To Kill a Mockingbird
Activities: ballet and modern dance, yoga, Pilates
Hobbies: Cooking, baking, seeing new places, reading, being crafty
Vacation Spot: Maui, HI
Tidbits about Taylor
I grew up in Easton, PA, home of the Crayola crayon. Math runs in my family; my father is a retired math teacher, and my brother Ethan is a post-doc at the Los Alamos national lab.
My undergraduate alma mater is the University of Rochester. I completed dual degrees in mathematics and music and served as president of the Ballet Performance Group.
At Rice, I play running back for the GSA’s powderpuff football team; we won the 2010 college championships and were the 2011 runners-up. I also play intramural soccer and have performed and choreographed for Rice Dance Theater.