Conference Talks
2011: GSTGC
        Michigan State University
2011: AMS Fall Section Meeting
        Wake Forest University
2012: Joint Math Meetings
        Boston, MA
2012: AMS Spring Section
        Univ. of Southern Florida
2012: AMS Fall Section Meeting
        Akron, OH
Selected Conferences attended
2009: Georgia Topology    
        University of Georgia
2010: GSTGC
        University of Michigan
2011: Joint Math Meetings
        New Orleans, LA
Mathematics Research
My particular research focus is in Knot Theory and Low-Dimensional topology.  More specifically, I study knot and link concordance. My advisor is Dr. Shelly Harvey.
Here are my slides from the 2011 Graduate Students in Topology and Geometry Conference at Michigan State University
I gave a talk in the special session on Knot Theory at the 2012 Joint Meetings. Below are my slides.