Instructorship Positions

In the Rice University mathematics department, graduate students are permitted to instruct five different courses. I have been a primary instructor for each of these classes.

    ■ Math 102: Calculus II (co-instructor for directed study) - Summer 2009

    ■ Math 355: Linear Algebra - Summer 2010

    ■ Math 101: Calculus I - Fall semester, 2010

    ■ Math 211: Differential Equations - Summer 2011

    ■ Math 212: Multivariable Calculus - Summer 2012

Student comments: 
    “Taylor was an amazing teacher. She actually made me look forward to math class. . . . I wish I could have her again next semester!”
    “Professor Coon is awesome!! She made the material clear and interesting. She was always available for help and questions. . . .”
    “Wonderful! This is how I wish all math courses at Rice were taught.”

Professional Development

Always looking for ways to incorporate new teaching methods and to strengthen my teaching abilities, I have sought out several professional development workshops and experiences. 

    ■ Effective College Teaching Workshop, 2010
                Dr. Richard Felder and Dr. Rebecca Brent
    ■ Scientia Conference, 2011
                Rice University: Innovative Teaching Strategies in STEM Fields
    ■ Teaching to Stimulate Learning At the College Level, 2011
                Nancy Searle, Teri Turner, and Elizabeth Nelson, Rice University

Teaching Assistantships

I have been a TA for various courses at Rice. Duties included holding recitations, workshops, and office hours as well as grading homework and exams.

    ■ Math 111: Calculus I, Fall 2007
    ■ Math 101: Calculus I, Spring 2008
    ■ Math 102: Calculus II, Fall 2008
    ■ Math 212: Multivariable Calculus, Spring 2009
    ■ Math 355H: Honors Linear Algebra, Fall 2009
    ■ Math 445: Algebraic Topology, Spring 2010
    ■ Math 370: Calculus on Manifolds, Spring 2011
    ■ Math 444: Geometric Topology, Fall 2011
    ■ Math 304: Elements of Knot Theory, Spring 2012

teaching makes me jump for joy!
Give a man a fish
              and you feed him for a day.
   Teach a man to fish,
                   and you feed him
                               for a lifetime.”
                                                                 -Chinese Proverb