Wei Zhu

Department of Mathematics

Rice University

6100 Main Street                                              

Houston, TX 77005



Office: 047 HB

Ph: (713) 348 2867

Email: weizhu@rice.edu (after July 2007, please email me at wei.zhu@math.ethz.ch)


Thesis advisor: Bob Hardt

Research interests: Geometric Measure Theory, Partial Differential Equations, Calculus of Variations


I am moving to ETH Zurich and University of Notre Dame afterwards. Here is my updated CV.



Teaching (sole instructor):

Math 211, Summer 2005

Math 355, Summer 2006

Math 211, Fall 2006



Research Publications:

Regularity of Dirichlet nearly minimizing multiple-valued functions, with Jordan Goblet, submitted

An energy reducing flow for multiple-valued functions, submitted

Some remarks on metric space Q(R^n), submitted

Two-dimensional multiple-valued Dirichlet minimizing functions, preprint

Regularity for multiple-valued Dirichlet minimizing maps into spheres, with Chun-Chi Lin, in preparation


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