Math 102 Section 2, Fall 2004


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This course is also called Calculus II, a continuation of Math 101(Calculus I). We will develop advanced topics based on the extension and application of the fundament differential and integral conceptions. Techniques of Integration, Differential Equations, Polar Coordinates and Parametric Curves, Infinite Series, each is an important branch of advanced calculus. We run ' Techniques of Integration' first, because it is the fundament for each of the other topics. If you want to get some sense on how fast we will go, please have a look at :the course schedule, which sketchily outlines the weekly pace. That means we may be one section before or behind this schedule at some mid-point.

The textbook is: Edwards & Penney,

  Single Variale Calculus(6e Early Transcendentals), Prentice Hall.

On every Monday, Wednesday and Friday(9:00 am-9:50 am), the lecture will be given at Herman Brown Room 427. And we also have office hour: Wednesday 2:00--4:00, Friday 11:00--13:00;the place is my office: Herman Brown Basement Room 47. And an appointment with me can be also made by email or by phone:

Yue Wu,, 713-348-2867

Also the help session has been set up: 7:00pm---9:00pm each Tuesday (with 2 TAs), Thursday  (with 3 TAs) ML Room 254.  I will be there each Tuesday.

We have two in-class-exams and a final exam. These exams, together with the homework, will contribute to your final grade: 


first in-class-exam~20%

second in-class-exam~20%

final exam~35%.


Link to a webpage for drawing polar graphs.

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