3-Manifolds: Heegaard Splittings,

the Curve Complex and Hyperbolic Geometry

A Rice faculty member since 1964, John Hempel has had a profound influence on the subject of 3-manifolds and his classic 1976 monograph, 3-Manifolds, is still a standard text on the subject. To honor him as a friend, as a colleague, and as a major contributor in our field, we dedicate this conference to him. John will be retiring in May.

Photos from the Hempelfest
April 19-21, 2013
Rice University, Houston, Texas


Ian Agol (University of California, Berkeley)

Cameron Gordon (University of Texas, Austin)

William Jaco (Oklahoma State University)

Jesse Johnson (Oklahoma State University)

Tao Li (Boston College)

Saul Schleimer (University of Warwick)

Peter Shalen (University of Illinois, Chicago)

Maggy Tomova (University of Iowa)

Registration is required, whether or not the participant is requesting support. Please register by April 5, 2013. The conference is supported by the National Science Foundation and the Dean of Natural Sciences at Rice University. Everyone is welcome. There are no registration fees.

Young researchers (PhD students and those whose PhD was granted after 01/01/2010) are encouraged to apply for financial support. The deadline for request for support is March 22, 2013.

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