3-Manifolds: Heegaard Splittings,

the Curve Complex and Hyperbolic Geometry

April 19-21, 2013
Rice University, Houston, Texas

3-Manifolds Conference

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Banquet Information The Dean of Natural Sciences at Rice University will host a retirement dinner for John Hempel on Saturday evening April 20. Seating is limited and by invitation only. The cost is to be determined but will probably be about $50.

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We anticipate being able to provide some travel support for young researchers (PhD students and those with PhD's received after 01/01/2010) participating in the conference. Early requests will be given preference. Our first priority is to provide lodging. Reservations will be made directly by the Mathematics Department for supported participants. We will cover other travel expenses if there are sufficient funds.

Application for financial support: Deadline March 22, 2013

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