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Recent Advances in Fluids

May 9-12, 2016

Rice University

Houston, TX

Invited Speakers:

Fluids are ubiquitous in nature, science and engineering. Observations of a range of fluid and fluid-like behavior can be found throughout atmospheric and ocean science, astrophysics, chemistry, biology and ecology. Many of these phenomena are modeled by the partial differential equations of fluid mechanics. These are some of the most difficult partial differential equations to analyze, as they are nonlinear and usually nonlocal.

There will be approximately 15 invited speakers and ample time will be alloted for discussions. A poster session will be a part of the workshop. Please use the poster registration form to submit your title and abstract.

We may be able to partially cover travel and local expenses for some junior participants, mainly postdoctoral fellows and advanced graduate students. Applications for financial support should be submitted by Friday April 1, 2016. Early applications will be given a priority.

The event is a part of the NSF Focused Research Group (FRG) project involving the groups of Peter Constantin (Princeton), Tom Hou (Caltech), Sasha Kiselev (Rice), Lenya Ryzhik (Stanford), and Vladimir Sverak (Minnesota).