Mathematical Physics:

A Conference for Undergraduate Mathematics Majors

Rice University, March 28-30, 2008


The general goal of the biennial Rice University Undergraduate Mathematics Conference is to expose undergraduates from many universities to current research in mathematics.  Several researchers from Rice University will discuss classical and current results and open questions at a level accessible to junior mathematics majors. There will also be some interactive sessions Saturday afternoon. 


Steve Cox(Computational and Applied Mathematics)

Lillean Borcea (Computational and Applied Mathematics)

Mark Embree (Computational and Applied Mathematics)

Robin Forman (Mathematics)

Robert Hardt (Mathematics)

Frank Jones (Mathematics)

Daniel Lenz (TU Chemnitz,Germany)

Rolf Ryham (Mathematics)

Michael Wolf (Mathematics)

Conference Schedule

Friday, March 28:

6:30 - 7:30 pm: Complimentary Buffet, (HB 438) (Room 438 in Herman Brown Building)


8:00 pm (HB 227): Frank Jones: The Wonderful Heat Equation (abstract)

Saturday, March 29:

9:00 am (HB438) Coffee, juice, donuts, fruit

9:30 am (HB227): Robin Forman: Connections and Curvature(abstract)

11 am (HB227) Lilleana Borcea: Inverse Spectral Theory and the Sturm-Liouville Equation (abstract)

12:00 noon: Lunch with Rice Undergraduates

1:30 pm (HB227) Mark Embree: Physics of Strings 

3:00 pm: Two concurrent"lab" activities:

I. (Duncan Hall)  Steve Cox, Mark Embree : String  Lab (abstract)

II. (Duncan Hall)  Robert Hardt, Michael Wolf :  Soap Films (abstract)

6:00 pm: Pizza party with Rice graduate students.(2043 McClendon (1 1/2 blocks from Best Western Hotel) 713-6677946)

Sunday, March 30:

9:00 am (HB438): Coffee, Juice, donuts, fruit

9:30 am (HB227): Rolf Ryham:  Can you hear the shape of a drum?  (abstract)

11:00 am (HB227): Daniel Lenz: The Schrodinger Equation. (abstract)

12:00 noon: Lunch (in RiceVillage)

Afternoon: games (frisbee?, soccer?, chess?) 

Conference Information:

The Herman Brown Building is located near entrance 21, on Rice Boulevard on the north side of campus. Near this entrance there should be adequate visitor parking available. If not, proceed west to the stadium lot.

For a map and further information see "The Department" in the Rice Mathematics Department homepage (


Please complete--as soon as possible--the following information by e-mail ( + or fax (713-348-5231) or snail-mail (Math. Dept., Rice University, PO Box1892, Houston, TX 77251).

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Rolf Ryham (Rice University-Mathematics), Bob Hardt (Rice University-Mathematics)