Fall 2014

8-27NoneOrganizational meeting
9-3David CohenThe word problem for finitely presented groups is undecidable.
9-10Ina PetkovaCombinatorial tangle Floer homology
9-17Neil FullartonComputing distances in the curve complex
9-24Diego VelaIntroduction to cobordisms
10-1Corey BregmanThe group theorist's curve complex
10-8David KrcatovichKhovanov homology and the Lee spectral sequence
10-15Miriam KuzbaryMorse homology
10-22Jung Hwan ParkIntroduction to Casson-Gordon invariants
10-29Sarah SegerHandle decompositions and surgery
11-5Anthony BosmanA prime decomposition for the string link monoid
11-12NoneTopology Seminar meets this day
11-19Kenan InceThe big Dehn surgery graph
11-24*Katherine VanceA simplification of combinatorial link Floer homology
11-26NoneThanksgiving Break
12-3Allison MooreManolescu's unoriented skein triple

*Is on a Monday

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