Texas Geometry and Topology Conference


Friday, October 27     

6-7:45pmComplimentary Buffet Herman Brown Commons Room (438)
8-9pmKo Honda
Reeb vector fields and open book decompositions Anderson Biological Labs, M.D. 131

Saturday, October 28     

8:30-9:30amBagels and Coffee Herman Brown 438
9:30-10:30amMikhail Khovanov
(Columbia University)
Braid cobordisms and triangulated categories  Keck Hall 100
11am-12pmElisenda Grigsby
(Columbia University)
A combinatorial description of the knot Floer homology of cyclic branched covers Keck Hall 100
12-2pmBreak for Lunch Rice Village
2-3pmFeng Luo
(Rutgers University)
Volume and angle structures on 3-manifolds Keck Hall 100
3:30-4:30pmEleny Ionel
(Stanford University)
Singular spaces and Gromov-Witten invariants Keck Hall 100
5-6pmRichard Hain
(Duke University)
Relative weight filtrations on completions of mapping class groups Keck Hall 100

Sunday, October 29     

8:30-9:30amBagels and Coffee Herman Brown 438
9:30-10:30amDaniel Ruberman
(Brandeis University)
Periodic Dirac operators and positive scalar curvature on 4-manifolds Keck Hall 100
11am-12pmJoan Birman
(Columbia University)
Lorenz Links  Keck Hall 100

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