VIGRE: Math 699
Current Topics in Topology

Meeting time and place: Tuesdays from 1-2pm in Herman Brown 453
Instructors: Tim Cochran and Shelly Harvey

Current Participants (listed in alphabetic order):
      Tim Cochran
      Shelly Harvey
      John Hempel
      Andy Putman

      Danielle O'Donnol
      Prudence Heck
      Elena Pavelescu

    Graduate Students:
      David Cohen
      Taylor Coon
      James Cooper
      Chris Davis
      Bridget Franklin
      Taylor McNeill
      Carolyn Otto
      Arunima Ray
      Daniel Tanner


Spring 2011

1-18Tim CochranLink Concordance: History and Open Problems
1-25Bridget FranklinOn the Twisted Alexander Polynomial for Metabelian representations in SL(2,C) by Yoshikazu and Yamaguchi
2-1Tim CochranElementary Ideas of Surgery or spherical modification of manifolds
2-8Elena PavelescuThe Bennequin Number, Kauffman Polynomial, and Ruling Invariants of A Legendrian Link, by Dan Rutherford
2-15Chris DavisRelationships between various signature invariants for knots due to S. Friedl
2-22Prudence HeckRepresentations of the Braid Group (Burau and Krammer)
3-1No seminar - spring break
3-8David CohenFinite Spaces
3-15Carolyn OttoSkein relations for Milnor's invariants by Michal Polyak
3-22Taylor CoonTBA
3-29Taylor McNeillTBA
4-19Aru RayTBA

Fall 2010

8-24Taylor CoonClasp-pass moves on knots, links and spatial graphs (part II) by K. Taniyama and A. Yasuhara
8-31Tim CochranConway polynomial of knots and links
9-7Andy PutmanThe Johnson homomorphism and the abelianization of the Torelli group
9-14Taylor McNeillInfinite generation of the kernels of the Magnus and Burau representations by Thomas Church and Benson Frab
9-28Elena PavelescuInvariants of contact structures from open books by John Etnyre and Burak Ozbagci
10-5Bridget FranklinKnot Doubling Operators and Bordered Heegaard Floer Homology by Adam Levine
10-12Midterm Recess - no seminar
10-19Carolyn OttoNull k-cobordant links in S^3 by X-S. Lin
10-26Dan TannerAn Introduction to Fox Calculus
11-2Spencer Dowdall (University of Chicago)   ***Topology Seminar Speaker***
11-9Prudence HeckAmenable L2-theoretic methods and knot concordance by Jae Choon Cha
11-16Chris DavisGeneralized Seifert Surfaces and Signatures of Colored Links by by David Cimisoni and Vincent Florens
11-23no seminar
11-30Danielle O'Donnol Sutured Floer homology

Previous Years:

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Fall 2008 - Summer 2009
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