Alan Reid, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Texas
Department of Mathematics
MS 136
Rice University

P.O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77005-1892

Research My research interests are hyperbolic manifolds, low-dimensional topology and geometric group theory.
Workshops and Conferences 9–15 February 2020: Manifolds and Groups, Oberwolfach, Germany.

16–22 February 2020: Low-dimensional Topology, Oberwolfach, Germany.
  23–27 March: Arithmetic groups and 3-manifolds, Hagen, Germany.
  6–17 April 2020: Zariski-dense subgroups and number-theoretic techniques in Lie groups and geometry, ICTS Bangalore
  8–12 June 2020:  Reflections on Geometry: 3-Manifolds, Groups and Singularities – A Conference in Honor of Walter Neumann, Columbia University.
  15–19 June 2020: In and Around Hyperbolic Geometry, El Barco de 'Avila, Spain
  6–10 July 2020: Negative curvature in Pisa, De Giorgi Center, Pisa, Italy.
  5–11 July 2020: Symmetry of Graphs, Maps and Polytopes, mini symposium at the 8th European Mathematical Congress in Portoroz̃, Slovenia.
  August 17, 2020 –December 18, 2020: Random and Arithmetic Structures in Topology, Program at M.S.R.I.
  9–13 November 2020: Complex hyperbolic geometry and related topics, CIRM, Luminy, France.
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