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    • Technical Report: All  principal congruence link groups (pdf)
    • All known principal congruence links (pdf)
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  • (With T. Chinburg and M. Stover) Azumaya algebras and canonical components. (pdf)
  • (With M. R. Bridson, D. B. McReynolds and R. Spitler) Absolute profinite rigidity and hyperbolic geometry. (pdf)
  • (with J. Jung) Embedding closed totally geodesic surfaces in Bianchi orbifolds

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In Progress

  • (With C. Maclachlan and A. Salgueiro) Some remarks on group actions on hyperbolic 3-manifolds.
  • (With M. R. Bridson, D. B. McReynolds and R. Spitler) On the profinite rigidity of triangle groups.
  • (With C. McA. Gordon and J. Nogueira) Planar surfaces and meridional  
    subgroups of knot groups.

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Recent Lectures

Three Lectures at the Workshop on Geometric topology in Cortona
June 4–10, 2017 at the Palazzone in Cortona. (pdf)

Lectures at 2018 NZMRI Summer Workshop in Algebra and Representation Theory, Nelson NZ, January 7–13, 2018.
Click here and scroll down for slides.

Profinite rigidity, 2018 ICM talk, Rio De Janeiro, August 2018. (pdf)

Swiss Mathematical Society Annual Meeting, Public Lecture, June 2018 (pdf)

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