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Ordinary Differential Equations using MATLAB 
A manual for using MATLAB in a course on Ordinary Differential Equations. The third edition was published in July, 2003. It completely describes two special MATLAB routines. dfield8 plots direction fields for single, first order ODEs, and allows the user to plot solution curves. pplane8 plots vector fields for planar autonomous systems. It allows the user to plot solution curves in the phase plane, and it also enables a variety of time plots of the solution. It will also find equilibrium points and plot separatrices.

Java versions of dfield and pplane are available for use on the internet.


Institute for Advanced Study / Park City Mathematics Institute

The PCMI is a unique institute aimed at improving communication between the various groups involved in teaching, learning, and research in mathematics. It conducts programs at the highest level in research, education at the graduate and undergraduate levels, and in high school teacher enhancement, but there is an additional emphasis put on the connections between these activities.

The 2010 Summer Session will meet in Park City, Utah from June 27 to July 17. The research topic will be Image Processing.

NonEuclid is an interactive program for studying hyperbolic geometry. It is a java applet, so it can be used through your browser. It is being developed by Joel Castellanos, supported by the PCMI.

The Geometry of the Sphere 
A course taught to high school teachers during the Summer Session of the PCMI at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ in 1996. It was taught again in 2000.

Based on a course taught to high school teachers during the Summer Session of the PCMI at Park City, UT in 1994. It was also taught in 2000.


Holo --- a complex mapping program

holo is a MATLAB function that enables the visualization of complex mappings.

Other mathematical software


Information about my forebears.


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