Genealogical Information
John C. Polking

My grandparents, Anton Polking, Mary Woerdehoff, Herman Dopheide, and Bernadina Stalmann were all born in Germany. Their ancestry is displayed on these pages.

Although these four individuals lived the early parts of their lives in north western Germany, not too far from each other, they did not know each other in Germany. They met only after emigrating to the United States, and after having found their places in German immigrant communities in Iowa. Eventually they all settled in Carroll County, Iowa.

The genealogies can be followed quite easily by starting with the Home Cards.

The History of Anton Polking and Mary Woerdehoff
Home Card of Anton Polking and Mary Woerdehoff
The Ancestors of Anton Polking
The Ancestors of Mary Woerdehoff
Home Card of Herman Dopheide and Bernadina Stalmann
The Ancestors of Herman Dopheide
The Ancestors of Bernadina Stalmann

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