Fall 2015

8-31Organizational meeting
9-11AWM BBQ (no meeting)
9-18Topology Seminar meets this day
9-25Neil FullartonThe Birman-Hilden theorem
10-2AMS Sectional, Loyola University (no meeting)
10-9Sarah SegerH-cobordisms and the generalized Poincare conjecture
10-23Miriam KuzbarySlice Links and Higher Order Intersections
10-30Corey BregmanL2 Betti Numbers and 3-Manifolds
11-6Anthony BosmanIterated Bing Doubles, Concordance Invariants, and Covering Links
11-13Kenan InceA survey of twisted Alexander polynomials
11-20Katherine VanceTheta curves and bridge index
11-27Thanksgiving break
12-4Jung Hwan ParkApplications of Donaldson's theorems to knot theory

*Snack provider i = speaker i-1, modulo semester.

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