VIGRE: Math 699
Current Topics in Topology

Meeting time and place: Tuesdays from 1-2:15pm in Herman Brown 427
Instructors: Tim Cochran and Shelly Harvey

    Current Participants (listed in alphabetic order):

      Tim Cochran
      Shelly Harvey
      John Hempel
      Andy Putman

      Prudence Heck
      Eamonn Tweedy

    Graduate Students:
      David Cohen
      Taylor (Coon) Martin
      James Cooper
      Chris Davis
      Bridget Franklin
      Taylor McNeill
      Jung Hwan Park
      Katherine Poulsen
      Arunima Ray
      Diego Vela

Spring 2012

1-17Tim CochranMassey Products
1-24Andy PutmanThe Genus 2 Torelli Group
1-31Prudence HeckKhovanov Homology and Braids
2-7Eamonn TweedySutured manifolds
2-14David CohenOn the Lyusternik–Schnirelmann category
2-21Taylor MartinBranched covers of surfaces in 4-manifolds by Rob Kirby and Selman Akbulut
3-6James CooperThe lower central series and pseudo-Anosov dilatations by Benson Farb, Chris Leininger, and Dan Margalit
3-13Chris DavisPresenting the Alexander module of a link using generalized Seifert surfaces
3-20Taylor McNeill The topological IHX relation, pure braids, and the Torelli group by Gervais and Habegger
3-27Katherine PoulsenThe Arf invariant and the Jones polynomial
4-3Arunima RaySmooth concordance of topologically slice knots by Robert Gompf
4-10Diego VelaDiet De Rham Cohomology
4-17Bridget FranklinConcordance groups of links by Andrew Donald and Brendan Owens

Fall 2011

8-30Tim CochranTowards a geometric characterization of topologically slice knots
9-6Bridget FranklinConcordance Properties of Parallel Links by Danny Ruberman and Saso Strle
9-13Topology seminar - outside speaker
9-20Aru RayOn the signature of even 4-manifolds
9-27Chris DavisCobordism Groups of Homology cylinders
10-4Prudence HeckLocalization Functors
10-11No seminar - fall break
10-18Katherine PoulsenVassiliev/Finite type invariants
10-25Topology seminar - outside speaker
11-1James CooperThe Theory of Motion Groups by Deborah L. Goldsmith
11-8Diego VelaObstructions to a links being concordant to a Hopf link by Stefan Friedl and Mark Powell
11-15Taylor McNeillGeometric Presentations for the Pure Braid Group by Dan Margalit and Jon McCammond
11-22Eamonn TweedyOrderable 3-manifold groups by Boyer, Rolfsen, and Wiest
11-29David CohenSymplectic Manifolds
12-6Taylor Coon MartinThe Casson Invariant from Saveliev's Lectures on the Topology of 3-Manifolds

Previous Years:

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