A photo of Morgan Weiler
Me, on the day I submitted my thesis.

I am an RTG Lovett Instructor in the Department of Mathematics at Rice University, mentored by Professor Jo Nelson. Statement on collegiality, respect, and sensitivity.

Starting Fall 2021, I will be an NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University, sponsored by Professor Tara Holm.

My interests are in symplectic and contact geometry and interactions with low-dimensional topology and dynamics. Specifically, I use embedded contact homology to understand Reeb dynamics on contact three-manifolds, with applications to dynamics on surfaces and four-dimensional symplectic embeddings. MSC 53, 57, and occasionally 37.

Previously, I was an Ph.D. student at the University of California, Berkeley, where my thesis advisor was Professor Michael Hutchings.

6/5/20: I spoke about Infinite staircases for Hirzebruch surfaces in the Symplectic Zoominar. This 20-minute Zoom talk can be viewed here; slides. The main theorem is now stronger than it was on 6/5/20.

5/1/20: I spoke about Embedded contact homology of prequantization bundles in the Western Hemisphere Virtual Symplectic Seminar with Jo Nelson. This Zoom talk can be viewed here; slides.

12/3/18: I spoke about my thesis work Mean action of periodic orbits of area-preserving annulus diffeomorphisms at the IAS. This talk can be viewed here.


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