Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar

Fall 2019 Seminar Schedule

Aug 27 Naser Sardari MPIM and IAS Sections of quadrics over A^1 over F_q
Sept 3 No speaker (Undergraduate Colloquium)
Sept 10 Alicia Lamarche University of South Carolina Derived Categories, Arithmetic, and Rationality Questions
Sept 17 Nicholas Triantafillou University of Georgia Restriction of Scalars, Chabauty’s Method, and P^1\{0,1 infty}
Sept 24 Katrina Honigs University of Oregon Rational points and derived equivalence
Oct 1 Jesse Thorner University of Florida The Chebotarev density theorem on average
Oct 8 Dan Bragg University of California Berkeley Derived invariants of varieties in positive characteristic from topological Hochschild homology
Oct 15 No speaker (Fall Break)
Oct 22 Madeline Dawsey University of Texas Tyler Two new results in representation theory
Oct 29 Alan Reid Rice University Integral points from low-dimensional topology and geometry
Nov 5
Nov 12 Kirsten Eisentraeger Pennsylvania State University Undecidability and definability in number theory
Nov 19 Alicia Harper Texas A&M University Border apolarity and matrix multiplication
Nov 26 Charles Doran University of Alberta
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