VIGRE: Math 699
Current Topics in Topology

Meeting time and place: Fridays from 3-4:30pm in Herman Brown 427
Instructors: Tim Cochran and Shelly Harvey

    Current Participants (listed in alphabetic order):

      Tim Cochran
      Shelly Harvey
      John Hempel
      Andy Putman

      Eamonn Tweedy
      Ina Petkova

    Graduate Students:
      Anthony Bosman
      Corey Bregman
      David Cohen (fall)
      James Cooper
      Taylor Martin
      Taylor McNeill
      Jung Hwan Park
      Katherine Poulsen
      Arunima Ray
      Diego Vela

Spring 2013

1-14Eamonn TweedyBordered Heegaard Floer Homology
1-22Tim CochranA differential-topological proof of Stallings' theorem about Homology and Lower central series of groups
1-29Aru RayA brisk introduction to Legendrian/transverse knots and (maybe) the slice-Bennequin inequality
2-5Katherine PoulsenA Note on the Growth of Betti Numbers and Ranks of 3-Manifold Groups by Stefan Friedl
2-12James CooperThe abelianization of odd prime level congruence subgroups of the mapping class group
2-19Corey Bregman Hyperbolic Groups and Growth
2-26No seminar - spring break
3-5Anthony BosmanLink Concordance Implies Homotopy
3-19Kenan InceS-equivalence of knots
3-26Diego VelaHomology with twisted coefficients and examples
4-2Jung Hwan ParkThe Algebraic unknotting number
4-16Taylor McNeillIntroduction to surface braid groups

Fall 2012

8-31Anthony BosmanBott Periodicity
9-7Eamonn TweedyRasmussen's s-invariant from Khovanov homology
9-14David CohenSpectral Sequences
9-21Aru RaySymmetries of Knots
9-28Taylor McNeillThe pure braid groups and the Milnors invariants of links/td>
10-5Katherine Poulsen "Grid diagrams and the Ozsvath-Szabo Tau invariant" by Sucharit Sarkar.
10-12No seminar - fall break
10-19James CooperA survey of the work of Fox, Magnus, and Zassenhaus on the study of free groups
10-26Diego VelaOn stable 4-genus of knots
11-2Corey BregmanGromov's theorem about groups of polynomial growth
11-9Taylor MartinStrong S-equivalence of ordered links by Carol Gee
11-16Jung Hwan ParkIntersection forms and four manifolds
11-22No seminar - Thanksgiving
11-30Ina PetkovaA_infinity structures in bordered Floer homology - definitions and motivation

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