Topology Seminar 2011-2012


Seminar meets: Mondays from 4pm-5pm in HB 427
Tea in the math commons room before the talk (3:30-4pm)
Contacts:    Tim Cochran    Shelly Harvey   John Hempel    Andy Putman

* means the seminar is a virtual seminar with participants from LSU, Rice, University of Miami and University of Iowa. It will be held in HB 355 from 3:40-4:40pm.
** means the seminar will be held on Tuesday from 1-2pm in HB 427.

Fall 2011

DateNameInstitutionTitle (click for abstract if available)
8-24*Charlie FrohmanUniversity of IowaProjective Representations of the Mapping Class group of a surface with boundary coming from TQFT
8-29Eamonn TweedyRice UniversitySome knot invariants arising from the Heegaard Floer chain complex of a branched double cover
9-5Labor Day - no seminar
9-12Christopher DavisRice UniversityNon-triviality of knots arising from iterated infection without the use of the Tristram-Levine signature
9-13**Alexander ZupanUniversity of IowaA new distance for bridge splittings of knots
9-14*Greg MullerLouisiana State UniversitySkein Algebras of Marked Surfaces
9-19Candice PriceUniversity of IowaOriented skein relation for knot Floer homology and a biological application
9-28*Shin SatoKobe UniversityQuandle cocycle invariants of roll-spun knots
10-5*Trent SchirmerUniversity of IowaNew examples of tunnel number subadditivity
10-17Taylor McNeillRice UniversityA new filtration of the Magnus kernel of the Torelli group.
10-19*Eamonn TweedyRice UniversityA filtration on the Heegaard floer chain complex of a double branched cover
10-24Jesse JohnsonOklahoma State UniversityCommon stabilizations of Heegaard splittings
10-25**Justin MalesteinTemple UniversityGeneric rigidity of periodic frameworks and flat tori
10-26*Effie KalfagianniMichigan State UniversityPolyhedral decompositions, essential surfaces and colored Jones polynomials
10-31Taylor MartinRice UniversityClassification of Algebraically split links up to 0-solve equivalence
11-2*Adam LowranceUniversity of IowaA categorification of the Tutte polynomial
11-16*Heather RussellUSCSpringer varieties and spider webs

Spring 2012

DateNameInstitutionTitle (click for abstract if available)
1-25*Yeonhee JangHirshima UniversityBridge Presentations of Links
2-1*Cody ArmondLSUThe colored Jones polynomial and adequate links
2-6Harold SultanColumbia UniversityAsymptotic Geometry of Teichmuller Space and Divergence
2-13John EtnyreGeorgia TechSurgery and tight contact structures
2-15*Dan RutherfordUniversity of ArkansasA combinatorial Legendrian knot DGA from generating families
2-20Stefan FriedlUniversity of CologneThe Thurston norm, fibered manifolds and twisted Alexander polynomials
2-27Matthew KahleOhio State UniversityTopology of random flag complexes
3-6**Cagri KarakurtUT AustinOzsvath-Szabo Invariants of Corks
3-12Mark PowellIndiana UniversityLinks not concordant to the Hopf link
3-14*John EtnyreGeorgia TechOpen books decompositions and the geometry of contact structures
3-21*Matt ClayAllegheny CollegeThe geometry of right-angled Artin subgroups of mapping class groups
4-2Sucharit SarkarClay Research Fellow - Columbia UniversityA Khovanov homotopy type
4-4*Dennis RosemanUniversity of IowaSmall Lattice Surfaces in Four Dimensions
4-16Tam Nguyen PhanUniversity of ChicagoFinite volume, negatively curves manifolds

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