Stulken Seminar in Topology
This seminar is partially funded by the Edgar J. Stulken Fund.


Seminar meets: Mondays from 4pm-5pm in HB 427
Tea in the math commons room before the talk (3:30-4pm)
Contacts:    Tim Cochran    Shelly Harvey    Andy Putman

Note: If there is a * next to the date then the seminar is a virtual seminar with participants from LSU, Rice, University of Miami and University of Iowa. It will be held in HB 355 from 3:40-4:40pm.
If there is a **, the seminar will be held on Tuesday from 1-2pm in HB 453.

Spring 2013

DateNameInstitutionTitle (click for abstract if available)
1-8**Adam LevineBrandeis UniversityBordered Floer homology and splicing knot complements
2-4Jae Choon ChaPohang University of Science of Technology, KoreaUniversal bounds of Cheeger-Gromov invariants: a topological viewpoint
2-18Shea Vela-VickLSUTransverse knots, infinite cyclic covers and Heegaard Floer homology
3-4Ilya GrigorievStanfordRelations among characteristic classes of manifold bundles
3-18Dave Witte-MorrisLethbridgeSL(n, Q) has no volume-preserving actions on (n − 1)-dimensional compact manifolds
4-15Grigori AvramidiUniversity of ChicagoHomology generated by flat tori in some locally symmetric spaces
4-22Eric ChesebroUniversity of MontanaClosed essential surfaces and the character variety
4-22Christopher Davis Ohio State University and U. Wisconsin at Eau ClaireSatellite operations as a group action

Fall 2012

DateNameInstitutionTitle (click for abstract if available)
8-20Arunima RayRice UniversitySlice knots which bound Klein bottles
8-27Arunima RayRice UniversityInjectivity of satellite operators in knot concordance
9-3No seminar - Labor Day
9-10David CohenRice UniversityBorel stability for congruence subgroups
9-17Taylor McNeillRice UniversityInfinite generation of the higher order Magnus subgroups
9-19*Shea Vela-VickLSUThe equivalence of transverse link invariants in knot Floer homology
9-24Taylor MartinRice UniversityLower order solvability of links and Milnor's invariants
10-1Tim CochranRice UniversityCounterexamples to Kauffman's Conjecture on Slice Knots
10-3*Ken BakerUniversity of MiamiAnnular twists and Bridge numbers of knots
10-8Andy PutnamRice UniversityOne the Burau representation at t=-1
10-10*Moshe CohenBar-Ilan University, IsraelKauffman's clock lattice as a graph of perfect matchings: a formula for its height
11-5Tye LidmanUT AustinLeft-orderability of groups and 3-manifold topology
11-12Kate PoirierBerkeleyCompactifying String Topology
11-19Ina PetkovaRice UniversityBordered Heegaard Floer homology, knots, and decategorification
11-26Alex ZupanUT AustinGeneralized bridge numbers of iterated torus knots

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