Michael Stories

My life, both professional and personal, has been profoundly formed by Misha. We met at Rice when I interviewed for a postdoc. Then we saw each other San Francisco where we coauthored my first joint paper. Then we saw each other numerous times in Marseille where even though about 20 years older he would regularly outrun me going to the Callanques beaches. Misha cared about my personal life as well. One summer evening in a French dormitory kitchen he introduced to me a graduate student from Moscow who later became my girlfriend and fiancee.

- Arek Goetz

I met Misha only twice. Though I remember very well these two weeks in Salt Lake City and Rio de Janeiro. We had very intense mathematical discussions and he made me quickly felt like if I knew him since always. I enjoyed his endless list of mathematical questions, innocent at a first glance but with very deep connection to several parts of mathematics. Our discussions became a formal collaboration which I enjoyed a lot and our theorem is a result I am very proud of.

- Vincent Delecroix

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