Mathematical Perspectives for Majors: (recording now available)

Hosted By The Rice Mathematics Diversity Committee

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Direct Download for Perspectives MP4: Link

For the first half hour we discussed course offerings specifically tailored for freshman and sophomores as well as the transition to proof based classes. We also heard a bit about paths through the major.
For the second half hour we discussed advanced undergraduate offerings - many of which are brand new!
We went through the courses in numerical order (with the exception of 402 and 443, which are discussed at the very end). Links shared during the Zoom chat:

  • Course Schedule: Link
  • Paths through the Major and additional information: Link
  • Math Major Advisors : Link
  • Math 238: Rice Connect : Link
  • Math 238: Ethics in Mathematics: Link

*Please note It is possible to register for both Math 238 sections simultaneously: Ethics in Math and Rice Connect, however this requires manual overrides from Dr. Allison Miller and Dr. Sarah Frei. If you're interested in doing this, please send one email to both Dr. Allison Miller and Dr. Sarah Frei and include your student ID number.

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