Pre-Calculus Diagnostic Exam

Students who want to register for MATH 101, MATH 111, or MATH 112 at Rice must take a diagnostic exam prior to registration. This is so that the Math Department can give students better advise as to which course(s) to enroll in, and where to look for resources as you take calculus.

Students wishing to register during spring semester for one of those courses in Fall 2024 should take the exam between March 22 and April 6.

Students who will begin at Rice in Fall 2024 should take the exam in the summer, between July 1 and August 21 (though we strongly recommend that you take it before Orientation Week).

Click here to sign up for the diagnostic exam. After you sign up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the exam.

For more information about calculus courses at Rice, see this page. For information about math courses beyond calculus, see this page.

Frequently asked questions:

How long does the diagnostic exam take?

We expect most students will be able to complete the exam in an hour, but some students might take longer. Please take the exam at a time when you will be able to concentrate for 75-90 minutes without interruption.

If I score poorly, will I be prevented from enrolling in calculus?

No. You can enroll in either course. However, you should still try to do your best on the exam so that the Math Department can give you appropriate advice about supplementary resources to help you as you take calculus.

I already know calculus. Should I take this diagnostic exam?

If you are not planning on taking MATH 101 or 111, do not take this diagnostic exam. (Exception: If you think you will be enrolling in MATH 102 initially, but that there is a chance you could drop back to MATH 101, you may take this exam so that the drop back procedure goes smoothly if it is necessary.)

If you have AP credit for calculus, have your score sent to the Office of the Registrar. This also holds for students with a sufficiently high score on an appropriate A-Level or IB exam.

If you do not have an appropriate standardized test score for calculus, but have not taken one of those exams, you may still receive Rice credit for calculus by taking an exam during Orientation Week. See this page for more details.

What topics are covered on the diagnostic exam?

Pre-calculus topics such as algebra, graphing, word problems, and trigonometry. There will be no calculus questions on the diagnostic exam.

Should I use a calculator on the exam?

No calculators are allowed.

How can I sign up for the Pre-Calculus Diagnostic exam?

Click here to sign up for the exam. After you sign up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the exam.

Additional questions?
Any questions about registering for MATH 101/111, transfer credit, or AP/IB/A-Level exams should be sent to Questions specifically about the diagnostic exam should be sent to

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