Symmetries of Algebras

Welcome! I am happy that you are here, and I am excited to present to you a topic that I have enjoyed over the last several years. My journey towards landing on this topic began in graduate school, where I studied material related to the first chapter of this book (namely, algebras over a field). Later as a faculty member, I encountered the material comprising the remaining chapters here, discovering the world of Algebraic Quantum Symmetry. I’ve found all of the structures in this field quite beautiful and important in their own way. This book is geared for newcomers who would love to learn about intriguing algebraic structures in nature beyond their first Abstract Algebra course(s).

Notes for preprint version 20221209
* This is a draft through Chapter 3 (of 12) + a brief outline of Chapter 4.
* The total length will be about 500 pages as a pdf.
* Indices will be completed at the end of the writing process.
* A course on Chap. 1-4 will be taught at Rice U. in Spring 2024.
* This sample has been submitted, and the book will be finalized in 2024.

Comments are welcome via email.

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